Fast replacement of CT scanner at Amstelland Hospital

The replacement of the CT scanner at Amstelland Hospitals at Amstelveen was done, as planned, within four weeks. The formal 16-slice Philips Brilliance CT scanner has been replaced by a state-of-the-art 128-slice Philips Ingenuity. With this CT scanner the hospital can use the latest techniques in the field of diagnostic imaging, especially cardiological examinations. To bridge the entire period the hospital rented a mobile GE Lightspeed 16-slice CT scanner, which was supplied by X-way. A heated corridor ensured a dry and warm passage of the patients during cold, wet days to the mobile CT scanner. The final week both systems were used at the same time in order to get rid of any waiting lists for this kind of examinations.

Amstelland Hospitals

Frans Heerens, Energy & Environment Coordinator of the Amstelland Hospital says about this project as Project Manager: “Thanks to the tight schedule that we made with all parties involved and good cooperation, this project is successfully completed within four weeks and patients did not experience any delay thanks to the rent of the mobile CT scanner.”